Sunday, August 31, 2014


Labor Day: What it Means

Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.
Get out there and enjoy your day off America!!

Thursday, August 28, 2014


One of my 1st photos shooting with a DSLR in 2010...

This guy is in 1st grade now!

The Glamour of Behind the Scenes...

A.K.A. ... why do I stand like that?

A session with me is never dull.. I'm constantly trying to move and find the best angles and light for your photos. Most of the time I will trip and stumble during the process...or... now that I've done quite a few "Behind the Scenes" shots I will stand quite awkwardly while taking your picture!!All in all - you will have FUN during our session! I promise!


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

SENIORS....To the Class of 2015...

Wear Sunscreen.
(Google that and then it will make sense)

Below are the openings I have left between now and Thanksgiving. If you are wanting to be a good student and get your pictures done this is my availability!


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Not so Sleepless in Seattle

Am I the only one out there that STILL loves the movie, "Sleepless in Seattle"? I think I'm stuck permanently in the movies of the '80's and '90's of my yesteryear. I totally got excited when I saw the restaurant where they shot a scene from the movie on my visit. This woman however was not as excited about me taking a picture of said restaurant..

So I was so happy to get to travel to Seattle (for the 2nd time in my life) to visit a FANTASTIC friend of mine who I've missed terribly since she moved out there 8 years ago - what?? I was also lucky enough to do some work out there too and take some wonderful pictures of some pretty amazing people as well. It was SO much fun and truly so beautiful there in the summer... I hope to visit much more often!
So here is my trip in a nutshell..OK.. it's not a nutshell but a picture collage, but I digress..

1. To everyone who takes bathroom mirror selfies.. I don't know how you do it, I felt hella awkward
2. To everyone who can take outfit pictures.. props to you.. this took more time than it should have!
3. You know when the light shines in the airplane window and you love how the nailpolish on your toes looks awesome against the airplane carpet so you take a picture of it?
4. Contemplating my trip... OR.. the fact that I needed the bathroom but the dude blocking me in was asleep. #windowseatwoes
5. Wing Selfie
6. My layover in Vegas turned out to be a financial windfall $$$
7. Next flight almost the same seat - score
8. Happy hour view was amazing from their back porch
9. Reunited and it feels so good
10. Shoes on parade at Pike Place Market
11. Gum one mentions the tremendously large amount of bees that hang out here as well
12. My working pose...
13. Eiffel Tower in Seattle
14. Lunch winning #crepesforthewin
15. Outside a little market you may have hear of
16. Fulfilling a life long dream to touch a unicorn's horn
17. Space Needle
18. I WAS THERE and now the whole world will know!
19. The views were spectacular inside
20. And outside!
21. I do cartwheels on vacation..
22. I also am a very awkward photograph taker or spontaneous squatter.. one of the two
23. I heart you Seattle
24. Hi-ya. Mid-afternoon Kung-Fu
25. Austin/Seattle LOVE

Seattle -  I LOVE YA - Here's to seeing you soon I hope!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Flowers in their hair...

This past Spring I had an idea for a photo with girls wearing flower headbands in all white out in the "woods". Thankfully I've got a friend who has two little girls and this was the result!

I'm so absolutely happy with how they turned out. I would love to offer these "Flower Girl" sessions to anyone who has a little lady that would like to play dress up and feel like a little princess fairy supermodel for a few hours.

Also - in my ALS Icebucket Challenge video below I mention SMA = Spinal Muscular Atrophy, which is what the beautiful little blonde in the pictures has. I encourage everyone who is participating in the Icebucket Challenge to read up on SMA as well and consider joining the cause.


Happy Back to School for most of you this week - I wish everyone a joyous, blessed, and learning filled year!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Chic Critique Cover Contest

I've decided to enter a cover contest for the Chic Critique magazine.

I knew exactly who I wanted to photograph when I read about the cover contest and am so happy with the outcome. Such an amazing young lady inside and out.

Wish us luck!

Friday, August 1, 2014

I Do! Do You?

Step-By-Step (Ohhh Baby: NKOTB reference)
1.) You see my work online or hear about me from a friend and think, "NICE"!

and we start to chat about what you are looking for in a wedding photographer. Style, budget, location, budget, what will you get, budget. My goal is to work with you - I have 3 set packages that I cater and adjust to meet your needs financially and artistically.
3.) You go back and talk to your significant other and decide that I'm awesome and I'm the gal for your wedding. (Or something like that!) We get in touch and put down a deposit to save your date! We also then set up a time to meet in person to go over style and the "look" you are wanting for your BIG day. Posed? Not posed? Silly? Serious?? I bring my lookbook and we chat about your "Must Haves". We discuss payment options - typically 2 - 3 payments and other nitty gritty details like contracts and what not.

4.) You kick back and relax (ha ha) as your wedding begins to come together in the planning process. About a month to two months out I will send you a list of typical "Must Have Wedding Photos". We adjust, add, subtract, delete and make the list fit your needs. I will shoot MORE than what's on your list - promise - this is just a reminder to me and my co-shooter as to what we can't miss. This list becomes my prized possession on your wedding day and I carry it on me - literally! What this does is allows you to enjoy your day and not have to try and remember what shots you want with which people in it - I've got it and I am there to make it happen. Now if you have an event planner - even better - they will assist in the wrangling of people for your "Must Haves". :)
{ Speaking of event planning, check out Bippity Boppity Boo Too event planners. }
6.) In 2 - 3 weeks after your wedding you will receive an exclusive proofing site with your photos. We go over which ones you want printed, which you want on canvas , if you want an album,
{check out this great local artisan for your canvas needs Canvas Pic App }
and all those fine details.
7.) You get a great present in the mail: YOUR PHOTOS! Here's what makes me a little different. You are going to get ALL YOUR PHOTOS digitally from me - minus the blurry, eyes closed, out of focus, etc. - you get them PLUS all your amazing prints, canvas and books that you order!
It's your big day and you deserve every single little memory.
This is usually in the hundreds in regards to amount of photos - yes, you read that right, HUNDREDS. Most photographers limit you to what you can have or charge you extra or give you a proof book which isn't so helpful b/c what are you going to do with all those thumbnail shots anyways? Not me, they're yours and I want you to enjoy them!
8.) BONUS - you now get to PAY IT FORWARD. You get to gift someone with a free photo session. Anyone who books with Melanie Wright Photography gets to donate a photo session to someone in their life who could use. See my PhilanthroPICS mission statement here:
So - there it is a simple step - by -step of what a Wedding would look like with me as your photographer. I will let you know I'm totally silly and will make even the grumpiest of attendees smile if need be OR if they don't I will get an embarrassing photo of them later. ;-)
Happy Friday and All the Love and Blessings to you ALL! <3 p="">


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Engagement Session...that I just loved

When a couple is free-spirited, funny, mildly-awkward, and willing to try anything - I know it's going to be a good shoot. A typical shoot with me is not a "typical shoot" at all. Very little posing and more about hanging out with the one you love... with paparazzi around. ;)
I'm so excited to be working with this couple not only for their engagement session but also for their wedding next summer. I think the location they selected it just amazing and will compliment their style perfectly. Here's a sneak peek into their session. Stay tuned for a post later this week on Weddings with me. :)


Thursday, July 24, 2014

36, That's Right, 36!

Well world, today is my birthday and I bet no one can guess how old I am!! :)
I have debated what to write on my blog about this glorious day o' birth  but I'm scattered with thoughts so I'll just put, let's say, 36 random thoughts down. Shall we begin?

There we go, last year's birthday picture. Now I can begin!

1.) I noticed today when putting money in my wallet that I have to turn all the bills to face the same direction. OCD or military precision - you decide.
2.) When going to sleep at night I flip and flop and wiggle so that my sheets always cover my shoulders - even when it's a million degrees out. I don't know why - perhaps my mom can give me some insight on that one or my sister since she'll be the one who reads this! ;)
3.) I am truly so happy, excited, nervous, and joyous about this next year and pursuing my photography passion.
4.) I will often dance around my house with my daughter when I play music... and often times it looks like this: (not that song though)
5.) I went gluten-free last year around Thanksgiving time - took a quiz online about it and discovered that half of my issues were tied to gluten - who knew??
6.) I'm so honored that so many people trust me with taking their picture. It seriously warms my heart with every person that books. Yep - I'm that cheesy.
7.) Speaking of cheese - I could watch the following movies anytime they come on even though I could probably recite them all to you: Top Gun, Dirty Dancing, Sixteen Candles, Sleepless in Seattle, While You Were Sleeping, and Sound of Music. I know you either think more of me or less of me now.
8.) I love cheesecake.
9.) Marketing a business is hard - I ain't gonna lie.
10.) I have been stung/bit by a scorpion, jellyfish (twice) and a brown recluse spider - and am still kicking!
11.) Speaking of kicking - as a kid I cartwheeled into our coffee table and messed up my ankle.
12.) Then b/c why not up the ante -I competed in a swing jumping competition with my brother and lost terribly when I landed on my arm and created a neat "U" shape in 2nd grade. #notwinning
13.) I come from a very small town, well, it's bigger now, but I had 66 people in my graduating class and people have laughed at me about that. I loved it though. I knew everyone and am still friends with some of these people and thanks to Facebook have been able to make new friendships with old people. (That reads funny - but you know what I mean!)
14.) I have 4 friends that have the same birthday as me. How crazy is that?
15.) My husband and I have total opposite views on road trips. I enjoy the ride and he just wants to get there. Thanks to my ability to need to go potty after just looking at a billboard for water - it's made for some fun car rides. :)
16.) Thanks to growing up in a small town I was able to participate in just about any activity possible - here are some of the things I did in high school: band, basketball, tennis, track, cheerleading, yearbook, Spanish club, student council, honor society, class treasurer - to name a few.
17.) My younger brother and I landed in the same Chemistry class my Senior year/ his sophomore  year. He didn't let me look off his paper once since he was definitely stronger in the science dept. I've never forgiven him for that. He said, "Then the teacher will know you're cheating." Harsh. ;)
18.) I have a yellow belt in Krav Maga and a black belt in Keeping It Real.
19.) I know some seriously strong women and they have helped shape me into the person I am today. I'm forever grateful for them.
20.) Google wished me Happy Birthday today and it literally startled me!
21.) I can't believe my 21st birthday was 15 years ago. Time flies but I swear I don't feel my age at all. Well, my foot does b/c I've been working out, but everything else feels great!
22.) My parents are simply amazing - I'm not lying. Some people have parent issues and I have been blessed to have two wonderful ones. Actually my whole family is pretty darn amazing.
23.) I'm just going to throw it out there, but, my kid is hilarious, cute and a genius. There, I've said it. Don't let her constant nose picking fool you - all the greats did it, I'm sure of it.
24.) I tell people to remember my birthday by saying "24-7" b/c it sounds really cool.
25.) I used to work for a company where I would travel all around the country and teach teachers how to use a software product. I once spoke in front of a group of almost 200. I nearly died it was so nerve-wracking, but I somehow did it! I never thought much of public speaking or my ability to do it, but somehow I did it!
26.) Above mentioned job took me to some cool places - I ran the "Rocky" steps in Philadelphia, hoofed it to Chinatown in NYC and spent a week or two with some teachers in New Jersey who schooled me on teachers unions and made me wish I was a teacher there - just for the union benefits! Sidenote - job also took me to some not cool places as well that I won't mention so as not to offend. ;)
27.) I had the opportunity to work for the government - in a field not anyone reading this could ever guess. It's funny how life turns out. Don't ask b/c I can't tell you.
28.) My favorite color changes yearly - I guess I just get bored.
29.)  I have a ton of high heels and wedges and I LOVE them, however, since having a child I swear my feet have totally forgotten how to wear them. I used to wear them weekly and now I look like Whoopi Goldberg in "Ghost" when I walk in them.
30.) I have the world's biggest sweet tooth and now that I've got a fitness goal in mind it is seriously a daily battle to avoid and talk my self out of eating sweets. It's SO hard!
31.) My family will speak in accents on the phone - for no. apparent. reason. I did it yesterday - not even joking.
32.) David Beckham is my celebrity crush and I think my husband looks a little bit like him - so that would make him my real life crush. Awww. Sidenote - I just showed my daughter a picture of David Beckham and asked her who it was. She said, "My Dad!" Theory proven!

33.) It is totally bizarre to not be in "getting ready for school" mode this year. So bizarre.
34.) I've only ridden a horse once in my life, on my honeymoon, and it scared me to death! Yet I love horses and have a great friend who has a stable. Go figure.
35.) Love riding roller coasters as an adult - used to freak me out as a kid - now I love them, but haven't ridden them in years.
36.) I love Disney World. I have been more times than most and I still get excited every time I cross through those gates. I can't wait to take my daughter there someday!!

Well - there you have it. 36 thoughts, ticks, random things on my big 36th. I am so blessed and happy for everything in my life right now and I can't thank y'all enough for being a part of this journey of life with me. I wish everyone an awesome year whether it's your birthday or not! Go eat some cake today just for the heck of it!

Love to All!