Thursday, November 20, 2014

Metro Mom's Event

I was able to fill in last Thursday for the MetroMoms-Austin event at Design Lab at The Oasis. It was a learning event with a few speakers who talked beauty and fashion. It was also a really cool opportunity to meet other mom's in the area and just enjoy a night out. Though I was technically working by shooting the event I met a few new people and got to see some great clothes and hear some good information! Check it out!



Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Newborn Goodness

This little guy was so, so good to me. He was awake for the first couple of shots with his parents and then decided what I was doing was pretty boring and dozed right off. Then we could pose him (with lots of help from Dad) and were able to get lots of great shots.

Are you pregnant or expecting? Contact me today at: to schedule your newborn or maternity session today. :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Monday, October 20, 2014

Best way to start a relationship?? A trip to the hospital of course!

So when my now husband and I moved in together I came home from work and felt like I was coming down with a stomach bug so I decided to go lay down. A couple hours later upon waking up I was having some fairly sharp pain on one side of my abdomen and wasn't feeling much better, in fact I was feeling worse. So being like all good 21st century people we got on Web MD and discovered my symptoms were probably appendicitis or a few other horrifying things. After waiting a bit and calling our moms and the nurse hotline we realized I wasn't getting better and we had to head to the ER. So after hours in the ER and multiple uncomfortable tests it was decided I need to go into surgery ASAP. During all of this my husband is having to call my family and friends so they can call into work for me in the morning to get me a substitute and I of course have a reaction to the medication they give me. Talk about vulnerable - I had to let go of everything at that point and let my man take care of me and handle everything. I am a strong willed, stubborn if you must, in control lady and having to get my appendix out unplanned rocked my little boat. Thankfully my husband got a hold of everyone and I have that family that is there in an instant and suddenly my parents who live an hour away were at my side. Not having had surgery before my mom went back with me for anesthesia and then the next thing I know I'm coming to back in my room where no one is at! They were all in the waiting room but I was crazy confused due to all the meds.
Long story short I had to rely on someone else for a week or so - it was crazy and so hard for me, but I realized, if this man who hates hospitals is willing to stick by me through all of that he was the one for me. Sometimes you have to let it all go in order for it all to fall into place!

Cue Elsa...

Do Your Thing!


10 Things About Me

I have done these often so I'm having to really think hard to come up with 10 New Things You May Not Know About Me!

1.) I have a fear of heights - I love rollercoasters though and the heights don't bother me on them, but watching movies where someone is up high makes my palms sweat or seeing someone up on something high freaks me out. This is all so strange since I was the top of the pyramid girl in junior high in high school.

2.) I don't eat red meat or pork or ham - not for any political or special reason - I just don't like it.

3.) I wish I could sing..on key. My mom and brother can both sing - I can not - and I sort of wish for one day I could really belt out a song and it sounded awesome. Until then I will just sing off key loudly and annoy my child.

4.) I love boy bands. I went to a New Kids on the Block an adult. Jealous yet??

5.) I am a car driving dancer - the moves I have when I'm driving I'm sure impress everyone I pass. You know you do it too...

6.) I don't know how to drive a stick shift - my Dad tried to teach me in high school - bless his heart - it just didn't happen. Speaking of driving - they let me take driver's ed with a cast on my right arm - my dominant arm. I look back and think - What were they thinking???

7.) I was the shortest kid in my class until my Senior year of high school - my mom said she finally had trouble picking me out of a crowd b/c I blended in where as before I was always so much shorter!

8.) My husband and I met on . Yep. Don't knock it until you try it y'all!

9.) I've always laughed at these kid leashes, but as we head to NYC next month with our wild 3 year old I'm thinking they might be a genius invention...

10.) I would love to have my work published in a magazine someday.. that is a HUGE dream of mine!

Blog Challenge Day 3 - "How To Take a Better Cell Phone Picture"

So I recently had the conversation with my husband about how small digital cameras are pretty much obsolete these days b/c everyone just uses their cell phone. Convenience is an amazing thing, however, blurry little photos of you and your loved ones make me sad. SO I'm here to help in 3 easy steps!!


Now, what to do with the light is where it's tricky. You want it to be to your side if your light source is the sun. One thing that the cellphone hasn't quite mastered is the whole backlighting while the subject is still properly lit thing - unless that's something the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus do and I just don't know about it b/c I don't have one.
You definitely don't want your subjects facing direct sunlight b/c no one likes photos of themselves with their eyes closed - I'm just saying.

Now if you're inside - I'd get the light source more directly in the face of your subject if you are using a lamp or window.


I have an iPhone 5 and if you tap the screen while in camera mode a square will appear - guess what? That's your focus - let it do it's thing for a second until it's as crisp as it's going to get - THEN CLICK. My husband has a HTC and his has the same set up for focus - tap the screen to get your focus - then click the shutter. You'll thank me - I promise!


Now - thanks to Instagram, Afterlight, or any other photo filter app out there you can snaz up your picture after you've taken it. I used to be all about the filters and on occasion I still use them, but I have discovered that just sharpening and brightening up my photo is all I need to make a really great smart phone picture. Try it!!

So there you have it - 3 simple steps to up your smart phone picture game! :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Where is the Love? A story of finding my passion...

As I sat at a desk in a cubicle with no direction on what I was supposed to be doing day in and day out I finally got the nerve to ask more specifically what I was supposed to do from my bosses. The backlash I received from that meeting, the humiliation of making me feel bad for asking for direction was a total blow to the gut. Unfortunately, I was making really good money at this job - more than I'd made in teaching and I got to travel, albeit not to amazing places sometimes, but I thought I'd made it professionally. The only problem was - I was a puppet, their puppet, and b/c they paid me what they did I felt I should oblige to their 4am text messages, sarcastic comments, and being told what to say to customers even though in my heart I had doubt....

I returned to the classroom - rejuvenated - ready to get back to what I thought I was meant to be doing. I finished college in 4 years went straight into teaching for 8 years left to try my hand at the corporate world, and here I was back at school. My safe place, I knew what to do here, I was good at this. I have always loved working with kids - always - I consider it such a blessing to have worked with so many amazing children over the years and to now be "friends" with them on Facebook and to get emails of thanks for them. Teaching is what I knew and I thought - ok, this is good. The school I went to work at was amazing - no, seriously, amazing. Admin to custodial staff were seriously some of the nicest most gracious people to walk the earth. I had NO reason to be thinking, "What else God? What else is there for me to do with my life?" and then there was...

When I left the corporate world I left with a DSLR that I had purchased for my honeymoon earlier that year - little did I know that I was holding the key to my happiness - better yet, that I'd been holding it almost all my life. Crank and wind camera for my birthday as a child introduced me to the world of photography - a chance to "see" the world from my point of view. I can't thank my parents enough for developing all those rolls of film of my stuffed animals, or of trees, or of my younger brother doing various ridiculous poses for me. Fast forward to high school and getting a "nice" camera for graduation - it was a newer point and shoot and I used it until it pretty much broke. I had taken yearbook in high school b/c I saw people getting to check out the cool manual cameras and then you got to develop them in the dark room. Score. I still to this day would love to have a dark room. I could totally dork out about this, but I'll spare you that - the magic of watching a photo appear blew my mind. I totally loved it. Through college my walls were covered in photos, just as they had been at home, and I would just sit and stare at them remembering each moment that was captured on film. Pictures are like time travel devices for me - they help jog my memory of an event that is now hazy and bring it back to crystal clear precision in my mind - they always have and I know they always will. At the age of 13 I experienced death for the first time with the passing of my older brother in a tragic car accident that took his and his best friend's life. In true "everything happens in 3's" form, my Uncle was soon killed in a car accident and I lost my grandfather to a heart attack soon after that. I had no idea how to deal or cope, but I had pictures and I soon had a collage of those I'd loved who I lost as comfort. Photography and pictures were always there for me and as I started to learn this new camera I started to think, "What if"...

So fast forward back to this year as I was sitting in a meeting listening to some of the "new" ways to teach and realizing that at my core I disagreed with what was being said and thinking of the times I had photographed family's in the past couple of years and realizing that my passion lied there. I was happy and free to be completely creative and I knew the process of what I was doing. See back when I was getting married I had a very good friend suggest that I should do photography as a job vs. a hobby because I always seemed to catch those little moments and emotion between people that she could never catch herself. That always sat in the back of my mind - because there had been others who had said the same - so I had started taking pictures for friends and family and just practiced honing the craft in a digital world. I had another friend ask if I'd like to take pictures at her wedding just for the experience since she had already booked a photographer - I thought - why not - and learned SO much from that night I can't even begin to tell you. So I "officially" became a photographer as a "side business" when my daughter arrived in 2011 for extra money to my teaching salary. Word got out and I got busy  - like every weekend booked from October through December busy - for 3 years in a row. Then this year, 2014 I was booking in January, February, March... oh my goodness...I was busy - a ton...

Then I started praying...praying for guidance, praying for direction, praying for a sign.. and then I got this on my daily devotional app...I'm not even kidding y'all...

Well, that's all it took and here I am! Melanie Wright Photography - owner, photographer and founder of PhilanthroPICS. My passion I completely feel is a calling from above and these past few months as a full time photographer have already taken me across the country and helped me do what I love while spending time with the ones I love. I am blessed and humbled and honored to get to do what I love. Can I get an "Amen"??

Who Am I?

I'm taking on a 7 Day Blogging Challenge from the most amazing Alex Beadon - so hang in there for those of you who know me... :)

Who are you?

Well - my name is Melanie Wright and I am a veteran teacher (elementary classroom teacher for 12 years and a national trainer for a educational software company for 2 years) turned photographer. Or maybe I should phrase it like this - a lifelong photographer who took the path of a teacher for awhile but finally realized that her creative joy was found in doing what she considered a hobby her whole life. I will have to dig through my parent's attic one of these days to share the photos I used to take as a kid - I think I've had a camera with me for 90% of my life. I am a creative soul who feels like she's doing what she's meant to be doing when I truly felt a calling from above at the beginning of this year to leave the safety of what I'd always known professionally and venture into the world of being my own boss and running my own business.
I'm also a silly wife and mom of a toddler who loves to make those around me laugh and often get that to happen whether I intend to or not!
PS - I overuse exclamation points and :-) faces in all that I type and have to re-read every email I send and delete about 10 too many of both! Agh!

Why did you start blogging?

I originally started blogging to put some of my photography out there for the world to see. I wanted to share it to see if I was any good and to see what people thought. It's now turned into a vehicle to promote my work and show my skill set and share a little bit about myself as well.

Who is your blog for?

Current clients, future clients, friends, family, other photographers. Anyone who is willing to stop and by and take a look and tell me what they think! :)

What’s something you’ve been working on lately that you’re REALLY proud of?

I'm currently SUPER proud of my sessions as of late. I have been studying and reading and practicing a new technique to make the light in my photos really magical and I feel really proud of what I'm producing these days. I've come a long way and that's something I want to shout from the rooftops or the internet- either one. ;)

What’s the ONE MESSAGE that you hope people take away from your blog?

Hmmm, I hope that people read and learn more about my PhilanthroPICS program of when you book a session  you can donate one to a family in need. At the heart of my business I want to help others and help them remember all these amazing moments we have in life that are so easily forgotten. Photographs can freeze those moments & I would love to be able to do that for so many! Read my mission statement here:

Monday, October 6, 2014

Motivate Monday

Just a little pep talk for your week! :)